Software, Billboard


  • City of North Vancouver


  • UX / UI Design
  • UX Copy
  • Branding

Software Deliverables

  • User interviews
  • Paper prototype
  • User testing
  • Digital prototype

Billboard Deliverables

  • Graphic design
  • Logo Design


Case Study

The client wanted a dashboard for tracking bike traffic in a city park. The dashboard had to be designed for three totally different platforms: desktop, smartwatch and billboard which in real-time displays the current number of passed bikes. The project logo design was also a requirement.

Software Design

Dashboard for desktop software design was challenging because of the lack of input about its necessary components. First, we made research, conducted user interviews to come up with the paper prototype. After that, we conducted user testing and made a digital prototype. For the smartwatch, it was important to display only the essential data.

Billboard design

Billboard design was easy since it was clear which content it had to hold. Still, we needed to devise a slogan. This was a challenging design since required three platforms have very little in common except the purpose: to inform about the number of bicycles that passed by. The logo was designed to visually represent the project.


Concept developing, UX / UI design for cyclists tracking software (dashboard design for desktop and smartwatch). The third designed platform is a billboard which shows the current number of cyclists who passed next to the tracking station.