Web Design
Ljubomir Majdandzic


  • RealFiber


  • Web design
  • Website in two languages


  • 14 Pages
  • WordPress website build


  • SEO
  • Calculator programming


The client wanted to have a website in two languages with an animated menu and a three-color header.

Also, a hempcrete consumption calculator had to be made according to the given criteria.

Visuals and most of the information architecture is received from the client.


An animated menu in three colors and a hempcrete price calculator according to the input data from the Excel spreadsheet have been programmed.

The website is built on the WordPress platform, in two languages, is resizable for 4 resolutions and optimized for search engines.

As an entrepreneur with an emerging company, I am satisfied with the service and most of all with the promptness and quick and clear agreement on the realfiber project.

Marijo Franić

Managing director, RealFiber