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  • Web design
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The client wanted to have a website which will make its projects prominent since they are their main activity. With projects, they gain new clients and they can present their sponzors so we needed to make a clean design with projects mentioned and linked everywhere.

For the logo, it was important to make it simple, to look good in one color so that it can be incorporated in various materials.


The website was built on the WordPress platform with a responsive template and it is optimized for search engines.

We also provided basic WordPress and SEO education so the client could continue posting new content without our help.

Super positive experience working with Pyxis Volans during our association’s website set up. They made more than expected, from design, proposals.. Fast in the service, they listened patiently to all our requests and fulfilled them, as well as they took all the care until we were presented by even better website than we imagined it to be.

Irena Franciskovic

President, SIDRO Association