Happy Well

Mobile App


  • Deus Ex Machina


  • UX / UI Design
  • Branding
  • UX Copy


  • User interviews
  • Storyboards
  • Paper prototypes
  • User testing


  • Wireframes
  • Digital prototype
  • More user testing

Case Study

The Happy Well app came as an idea that there should be an app that would help people to feel better through positive suggestions. Its main two functions are notifications setup with predefined messages and also sending messages to someone else.


Storyboards show two possible usages of the app. They were a starting point to develop a paper prototype which was tested in detail and improved every time so that wireframe and the digital prototype could be created.


Orange app color was chosen because it represents joy, enthusiasm, success, encouragement, attraction, creativity or happiness so it was a logical choice. The logo includes an image which represents messages, the key function of the app.


Mobile app consists of a detailed notification setup panel and a function for sending messages. That function, as well as some other parts of the app, also serve for spreading the word about the app itself.