Web Design
Ljubomir Majdandzic


  • Ljubomir Majdandzic


  • Web design
  • UI / UX
  • Website Build


  • 4 Pages
  • Styleguide
  • WordPress Build


  • SEO
  • Video player programming


The client wanted to have a website of simple design that would communicate the most important information right at the beginning.

He also wanted the three video files to rotate at the top of the page one after the other.


The flow of information on the website is designed so that the most important info can be seen at the beginning, and a video slider is programmed according to the capabilities of the search engines in which the website is used.

The website is created on the WordPress platform with the appropriate template and is optimized for search engines.

Due to the special technical requirements for the website and the short deadline, we needed someone we could turn to with confidence. We are extremely pleased with the result! Above all an excellent collaboration with Pyxis Volans!

Ljubomir Majdandzic

Independent candidate in the elections for mayor of the City of Zagreb