Improve your copy to increase conversions

Does your website convert? Your average visitor’s attention span is 8 seconds and less than 30% of your website text will be read during that time. What will they remember? That is another story.

So, choose your words wisely! The primary purpose of most of the websites is either to deliver quality content to our audience or use content to sell the goods or services we offer.

Human-centered copywriting

Anything you write for the web has to be written with the user in mind. Words require just as much thought as the branding and code because copy shapes the user’s perception of your brand. Here are a couple of important things that will jumpstart any webpage to the right track.

1. Win the hearts of your target audience

Write like a human, in a simple way, but depending who your target audience is, adjust your language accordingly. Write to make them become your brand ambassadors and to visit your website again.

2. Your copy must offer a solution to a problem

Create a landing page that presents a solution to your customer’s problem. In a few words tell your website visitors what you offer, tell them how your service can help them improve their life. Be sure to include CTA (Call to Action) phrase to encourage them to take the next step.

3. Your copy must convey reliability

Share your client’s testimonials with your website visitors. There is nothing more effective than real evidence, the proof that your service is really what is advertised. It is best to include their photos and company names so everything can be verified.

4. Deliver more than expected

This is actually an excellent opportunity to widen your potential customers circle. You could offer something for free for your first-time customers. Also, you could write an e-book or report that solves some of their problems. Offer it through an opt-in form, a form of consent through which users acknowledge interest in your product or service while authorizing you to contact them with further information.

5. Proofreading

Read your copy to avoid typos, missing words and errors. Get someone to proofread all of your texts. There is always a potential client who likes attention to detail. Show them that they can rely on you.

Testing and Optimization

Use Google Tag Manager to test your website. Google Analytics will help you determine if your copy does its job. If your findings show that the use of a particular word or phrase does more harm than good,  reevaluate your assumptions and make changes to your copy as necessary.

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